We are no longer in operation but…

You can still get high quality naturally grown produce and CSA shares at the Covered Bridge Farmstand, grown by Broadwing Farm!

Check out their website HERE, or get in touch via email: broadwingfarm@riseup.net.



What is a CSA?

“CSA” stands for Community Supported Agriculture.  It is a program through which community members purchase shares of a farm’s produce before the start of a season and in return receive weekly boxes each containing an assortment of fresh, seasonal vegetables. The CSA model is helpful to the farmer in many ways – she receives capital at the start of the season when she needs it most, and she doesn’t have to spend as much time marketing her products at farmer’s markets or wholesale.  In addition, because the farmer knows what the sales will be for the season, she can be more efficient with her crop plan, saving money and producing less waste.  CSA members enjoy the convenience of one-stop vegetable shopping, the exposure to less common (and very delicious) vegetables, weekly updates from the farm, and the pleasure and comfort of knowing how and by whom their food is grown.

Meadowsweet’s 2017 CSA

The Meadowsweet Acres CSA is a 23-week program, running from the first week in June through the end of October. We offer two share sizes (Full and Half) and two pickup windows (either Tuesdays or weekends) to try to accommodate our members’ varying diets and schedules.  More information on the shares sizes and pickup options can be  found below.

Each week’s share features a different selection of fresh vegetables, based on what’s looking good in the field.  We give crowd-pleasing items like tomatoes, carrots, and salad greens often, and include more obscure items once in a while (we will not overwhelm you with kohlrabi!).

Here are examples what a Spring, Summer, and Fall share look like.

Screen Shot 2015-12-07 at 9.31.06 AM

Members will receive a weekly email with information on what to expect in their share, pictures, recipe ideas, and news from the farm.


Share Sizes

FULL: weekly value $22, season value of $506*

Full shares average a weekly value of $22, and generally consist of 6-9 items.  It’s a good share size for a small family or for a couple that eats a lot of veggies.  If you have a household of veggie-lovers and find that even the full share is not enough, you will always have the option of supplementing your share with farm stand or farmers market purchases.

HALF: weekly value $13, season value $299*

Half shares contain half-sized portions of the same items found in the full shares.  This share size is ideal for an individual veggie-lover or for a couple looking to introduce more fresh veggies into their diet.

*Payment plans area available, please get in touch for more info.

Pickup Options

 Tuesdays, 4:30-6:30, on-farm

Members who opt for the Tuesday pickup will have a little more control over what goes into their share.  While most of the share items are pre-determined, there is often a choice or two offered (such as eggplant OR green peppers, turnips OR radishes ).  In addition, the Tuesday pickup includes a trade bin – members are invited to swap out any unwanted items with something they find in the trade.  The farmer is usually present during the Tuesday pickup to chat, to help out with the process if needed, and to answer any questions members may have.

 Weekends, 3:00 PM Friday – Sunday, on-farm

Members who aren’t able to commit to the Tuesday pickup window might find the weekend pickup to be a better fit.  Shares are packed into boxes labeled with members’ names and kept in a cooler in the barn.  They can be picked up anytime throughout the weekend, starting at 3:00 PM Friday.  Members will not have the option of swapping out share items.  There will, however, always be extra items (veggies and otherwise) available for purchase at the farm stand.

Office Drop-offs, Friday afternoon

We are looking to partner up with more companies in the Gilbertsville area who would like to a Friday afternoon CSA drop off for their employees .  Please get in touch if you work for or know of a company that might be interested.

Additional Items

Because members pickup at the farm, they have the option to purchase all sorts of healthy, fresh food sourced from the local area at our collective farm stand.  This includes artisan cheese, bake-oven bread, local honey, fermented veggies, mushrooms, and grass-fed meats and eggs.  Please check out the Covered Bridge Farm Stand page for more information on the products available there.

To Join:

please fill out this form and send it with your payment to

Meadowsweet Acres, 92 Covered Bridge Rd., Oley, PA 19547.


What if we miss one of our shares?

We understand that, for one reason or another, there might be times when you’re not able to pick up your share.  Your options in that situation are:

– send someone else to pick up your share – you can do this as often as you like, and don’t need to tell us ahead of time

– pick up your share the next day -we encourage you pick up your share at the specified time. However, if you happen to forget or if something comes up at the last minute, we will hold onto it and you’ll be able to pick it up from the farm cooler the following day.  This should be thought of as a once-in-a-while kind of thing.

– use your “vacation credit” – if you are planning to be away, you can skip a pick up and then get a double share the following week.  We need at least 4 days notice prior to the skipped pickup, so that we can plan accordingly.  Because we only have so much wiggle room in our harvests, we can only allow each member one vacation credit for the season.

Ugh, rutabaga!  Can we trade?

While we hope you’ll be interested in experimenting with less common vegetables and trying out the tasty recipes we provide (like mashed rutabagas with gravy, mmmm…) we do offer a trade box (at the Tuesday pickup only) for those items that you just aren’t interested in.  At the start of the pickup, we’ll put 4 or 5 different items in the box.  When you get your share, if there is something you don’t want, you can put it in the box and take something of a similar value out of the box.   Easy!  If you’d like to have complete control over what you get every week, think about just buying right from the farm stand rather than joining the CSA.  If you come during the CSA time slot, you can still chat with the farmer and get tasty bread, too!

Do I have to pay the full $506 at the beginning of the season?

If you would like to join our CSA, but it would be difficult to pay $506 all at the start of the season, please get in touch.  We want to make healthy food as accessible as possible to everyone, and are willing to arrange payment plans on a case-by-case basis.   However, if you are able to pay the full price up front, it is a great help to us, as it will give us extra capital to work with as we go into our first season.

What if I submit my registration after all of the spots are filled?

As soon as we fill all of our spaces, we will update the website to let everyone know.  If you already have a check in the mail at that point, we can either mail it back to you or destroy it.  We will put you on our waiting list, and contact you if any spaces open up in the future.