The Farmer




Thanks for your interest in Meadowsweet.  I’m Jessica, the woman behind the farm.

I grew up with a garden in the backyard, and was introduced by my dad to the smell of good compost at a young age.  A lot of my childhood was spent playing in the sun and dirt.  I’d like to say I was a good helper in the garden, but I have a clear memory of “rescuing” the collection of garden pests that my dad had plucked from his plants and put into a bucket of water.

I am a graduate of Oberlin College, where I majored in biology – “The Science of Life” always fascinated me, still does.  In between years at college, I worked on a farm picking green beans and tomatoes, learning how not to weed the carrot patch.  As semesters passed, I started getting into plant sciences and ecology, and became the local farm-liason for my dining cooperative.  I had gotten the small-farm bug.

I am very  happy to be growing vegetables for the Oley Valley and its surroundings, putting what I have learned in other places to use here.  I am looking forward to the community that I hope will continue to grow around Meadowsweet Acres, and the local agriculture movement in the Oley Valley.  A farm is a thing to be shared by many.

Thank you to everyone who has supported and encouraged me this far.

I’ve had the pleasure to work with and learn from:

Red Earth Farm, Kempton, PA
Woodbelly Gardens, Morrisville, VT
the LePage Farm, Barre, VT
La Terre Bleue, Elgin, Quebec
the Rodale Institute, Kutztown, PA
Eckerton Hill Farm, Lobachsville, PA


4 thoughts on “The Farmer

  1. Dear Jess, I’m interested in joining again this year. I will send my check and information-my printer and computer are not speaking and will sign the agreement when I see you. If this is a problem let me know. I LOVE your CSA. Winnie Hayik


    • Hi Winnie,

      Glad to hear you’re on board for this season! What you described is fine, I’ll have a form that you can fill out at the first pickup.

      Stay warm, and thanks for your support!


  2. Hi Jess! Daltons here… will you also be selling your produce at the Pennside farmer’s market as you did a year ago? It might be a closer place for us to purchase from you. Trying to decide whether a half share or just buying as we go… I love your wonderful and valuable work, thank you so much!


    • Hi Jen,

      I won’t be selling at the farmer’s market this year, so I can focus fully on the CSA. I know a weekly visit to the farm is a difficult commitment for some folks, and I completely understand if it makes more sense to just purchase from the farm stand whenever you’re able to make it out. One possibility – If you have a neighbor who would be interested in joining the CSA, you could take turns making the trip out to the farm, and deliver one another’s shares. Also, in case you haven’t seen, you should check out the weekend pickup option – it offers more flexibility in when you can pickup your share.

      Either way, I’m glad to know that I’ll be helping to feed you guys!
      Thanks for getting in touch, and for the kind words.


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